PaintTech Training Academy has bought together decorators with many years worth of experience and knowledge and created courses for people wanting to get into spraying. This is not a spraying course offered by a supplier in order to sell products. This is a complete program developed by decorators for decorators, to dramatically improve your business. We also teach you systems that can be used within your decorating business. We have used products and machines from all the major manufacturers, as well as very unusual and bespoke products. Once each of the courses are completed we offer ongoing support throughout your spraying journey. An investment in this course is an investment in your future.

Have a look at the training courses we are currently running in Preston & Edenbridge from the links above. 

Knowledge we are able to share with you:

All of our knowledge comes directly from both on site testing and training plus classroom teaching as well. PaintTech has collaborated with Pete Wilkinson who has vast experience as a lecturer at Preston College giving you a course built on years of experience.
We have spent a huge amount of time using and testing every product we can over and over to find the ones that perform best on site in UK conditions. Delivering the finest finish with the hardiest durability, far above the current industry standard and architectural specification.
Reduce the amount of time you spend completing a project, as well as the snagging and retention work, by using the products and techniques we recommend.
We continue to build relationships with manufacturers worldwide to ensure that we lead the UK in product knowledge. We have tested products in all of these ranges:

– Spray machines of all kinds; airless, HVLP compressor, airless assisted
– Paints and primers
– Oils and lacquers
– Tapes
– Fillers: of every description and type
– Tools and accessories
– Sanders
– Rollers and brushes

Our mission is to educate the decorating industry on the benefits of spraying, to share our knowledge, to raise standards and revolutionise the decorating industry. We are decorators training decorators! We aim to inspire all who undertake our courses and show them that spraying really does make sense.