What is City & Guilds Assured and what does it mean to us and the industry?

What is Assured? What does it means to us and the Industry? Who are City & Guilds? The City & Guilds of London Institute is an educational organisation that was founded in 1878 to develop a national system of Technical Education. Since 1900 they have operated under Royal Charter which was granted to them by Queen Victoria. City & Guilds is a household brand and a global leader in skills development. Over one million people earn a City & Guilds qualification every year, providing them with the skills they need to thrive in the workplace. In the global economy, the

PaintTech and Farbe, Ausbau & Fassade FAF

Farbe, Ausbau & Fassade in Cologne, Germany 2019 HOW THEY THROW A TRADE SHOW IN EUROPE! All I can say is wow!! It’s huge, and when I say huge I mean it stretches over three massive halls, with over 400 companies and suppliers all in one place driving the industry forward. What is FAF? It’s the ultimate trade show for the decorating industry, with everything on show from the biggest sprayers you’ve ever seen to the latest paints, brushes & tapes with everything in-between.  Most of the market leaders use the show to launch their new machines and products. This

PaintTech and Q1 Masking Tapes for Sprayers

PaintTech and Q1 Masking Tapes for Sprayers By Ian Crump of PaintTech Decorators I have been doing this job almost 30 years now and for 20 of those years I have been spraying. We were the first company to take spraying into the Royal Albert Hall in London and it took quite a bit of convincing! If the deadline hadn’t been so tight to get finished I don’t think they would have allowed it.. There were very few masking products available at that time.  We had to buy thick plastic to cut down and used tapes that left residue with

Jack Frost and his Yella Gold!

Jack Frost and his Yella Gold! . In 2016 I think it was the end of October, I had run out of the normal tape we used; the white crepe automotive clipper. I had used them for years … It was all I could get my hands on and all the firms I had sub contracted to had bought the cheap 30p a roll that had the adhesion of a warm mars bar! I always went to ALPARTS SW in Exeter, it’s a scrap yard that I used to get a good deal on masking paper and tape. I had

Painttech and Q1masking tape

Q1 Masking Tape for Sprayers

Q1 Masking Tape for Sprayers Heard lots of chatter about Q1? Who are they & are they new kids on the block? Q1 are a brand owned by PPM Industries who has over 25 years experience producing masking products already. PPM have seen an huge increase over the last few years of sprayers using their Q1 masking tapes within the residential industry so decided to develop a new range of tapes better suited to them! PPM did their research and a few months ago launched 2 new tapes to the market for testing. We gave samples to a group of

How to choose the right airless sprayer?

Which airless sprayer is right for me? Choosing the right sprayer really can be a minefield.! Which brand is best, which size do I need, how much will it cost etc etc.. There are a lot of different factors that go into choosing which sprayer is right for you so we decided to put together a list of as many if not all (they change quite a bit) of the sprayers in the market from the major players to give you an easy way to compare the machines.  The key question: what work you are doing at the moment is

What are the health benefits of spraying?

My Bloody Neck is Killing!! By Ian Crump.. I love my job as I am sure most of you do too, it can be fun and has a creative side to it. Art was one thing that I was really good at as a kid, I liked playing with colour so when an opportunity arose to come to London and work as a decorator I thought why not! I went on to train as a Decorative Artist learning how to woodgrain and marble with Bill Holgate in Clitheroe who was a fantastic teacher. I bought books by Pierre Finkelstein and

airless spraying tips from graco, tritech, wagner, farbmax, titan

Testing Airless Spraying Tips

Airless Spraying Tips We often get asked about Airless Spraying Tips – which tips to use, what pressure for different products. As a business PaintTech Decorators sprays 90% of their projects 100% of the time. We spend a lot of time on testing machines, tips, extension, products, fillers etc and the list goes on. If we feel that it has benefit to our business then we will look at taking them on site and using them in the decorating environment before we will use them as our next baseline. If you are constantly changing products then you will cause yourself problems and

Airless Spray Training with PaintTech & Rhys McWilliams

PaintTech Airless Spray Training & Rhys McWilliams Rhys & Bobbie of McWilliams Decorators first met us at a Tikkurila Spray Day at the St Helens Store in August last year as they were really interested in Airless Spray Training and how it could work within their business. After the Tikkurila day they went on to book the Introduction to Spraying Course in January. We had a great group on the Introduction Course on the Saturday and everyone got on really well – cut a long story short, Rhys & Bobbie had such a good day that they decided to stay

PaintTech and Beissier Airless Spray Plaster

Airless Spray Plaster from Beissier

Airless Spray Plaster from Beissier Airless Spray Plaster is something that Beissier have been producing and developing for many years now. Bagar G is probably the one that we in the residential market would be most familiar with so we went to Bessier’s factory in la chapelle-La-Reine France to find out more about the company, the set up and their products. There are a few supplies of plaster in the UK such as Beissier, Knauf, British Gypsum, Toupret with lots more entering the uk market as spray plastering becomes more popular. Europe and the USA have been using sprayable plasters

Spray Training with PaintTech Academy

Why PaintTech Training Academy and their Spray Training?

Why PaintTech Training Academy and their Spray Training? If you are a decorator who is thinking of updating your skills and getting some airless spray training then you may be asking “who are Painttech Training Academy?” and “ why are they different to other training providers?” We are a private training organisation who have set up so that we can provide training to the industry. We are mainly delivering training in spray technology. We currently have 4 centres so that we will probably have a centre fairly near to you. The centres are in Preston (North West), Edenbridge (South East),

Training course in spraying – do I need it?

Do I need to do a Training Course? Do I need a course to show me how to spray? Can a training course really benefit me and my business? If you spend any time reading Facebook posts on various decorators forums then sooner or later you will encounter the “why bother training?” discussion. In fairness these are honest posts and the people contributing are voicing their own valid opinions.  It’s quite common for the argument to go something like;- Why bother doing a training course, I will just pick it up as I go along, how hard can it be?

Why I wrote my book Fast and Flawless?

Why I wrote Fast & Flawless by Pete Wilkinson I have been teaching Painting and decorating at a local college for many years and in 2014 I decided I wanted to go part time (teaching) and get back to what I love doing – decorating.  To me it made complete sense to spray as much as possible, mainly because it’s quicker and you get a really good finish, especially with water based paints. I found that there was plenty of work around and before I knew it I was really busy.  I have been teaching apprentices for about 25 years

PaintTech training Course

Why would you learn to spray with an airless paint sprayer?

Why would you learn to spray with an airless paint sprayer? We all know the name of the Facebook group “Spraying makes sense” and we all know what it stands for, most of us agree with the statement, some don’t and prefer to apply paint by brush and roller however I was thinking about this and thought it would make a good blog.  Why does spraying make sense?  First of all I think a lot of decorators fall into the trap of thinking it’s all or nothing. You either spray OR you brush and roll. “Do we spray this job

Does Spraying Make Sense with Training by Bev Reid

We asked some of the decorators who have been through PaintTech Training Academy their thoughts on Why Spray? & Why Us?Read below what Bev Reid has to say: Does Spraying Make Sense? How it all started for me and the questions I needed answers to: Where do you get an airless sprayer from and which one do I buy? Who will give me quality instruction on how to spray? Have I got the confidence to take the plunge in offering a spray service to my existing and new customers? Are Youtube or similar help videos going to be the best

Airless-discounter and their blog about PaintTech Academy

Airless Discounter are a not only a supplier of Graco & Wagner spray machines but they also sell their own brand called Farbmax. They are constantly developing new machines and products to benefit the spraying industry. We were approached by Airless Discounter who are based in Berlin asking if they could run a blog about PaintTech Training Academy, what training courses we do, why we set up airless sprayer training and what makes us different. Click on the link below to see the blog that was written by Airless Discounter: https://www.airless-discounter.de/news/paint-spraying-courses-in-the-uk-with-paint-tech/

Tritech Sprayers and why PaintTech recommends them!

PaintTech were approached by Aristospray who are the UK’s exclusive importers of American designed, engineered and manufactured TriTech Airless spray machines after the Painting & Decorating show at the end of last year, they wanted us to trial one of their machines to see our thoughts. We have been spraying for over 20 years and have worked hard promoting ourselves to small and medium sizes house builders/developers as decorating contractors who predominantly spray as we have developed a painting system that reduces the time on site dramatically whilst increasing the quality of the work at the same time! Our aim is to educate

PaintTech & Tikkurilla – the perfect combo!

PaintTech are constantly testing products both currently on the market or new to the market, looking for the best products to work with our systems. We research and test products in a real time environment to make sure they will work as we need them to and replace or dismiss ones that work or don’t!. We met Ben Adams of Valtti through LinkedIn who sent us a selection of products from Tikkurilla to test. We used them on different projects and surfaces and now work with the ones that we like the most and believe that this has helped give us the

Kolorbond and UPVC Spraying

Kolorbond – Who are they? Have you noticed that when people get new plastic windows they are a really cool grey instead of white or mahogany? How do they do this? Is it grey plastic? Well no it isn’t, a company called Kolorbond spray the brand new white plastic and then the windows go out on site and are fitted. They can be done in ANY colour. I know what you’re thinking, “oh yes I bet that scratches off after 6 months.” Well no actually, the paint is sprayed on in a booth and it bonds with the plastic to

Ofsted and the inspection process

“OFSTED” those words alone will strike the fear of god into any teacher. They start to get sweaty palms, they will start working into the night to produce all the appropriate paperwork to keep management happy. Not only that, if there is an inspection looming then this feeling of dread can last for months. Now don’t get me wrong, I can understand why the Government do this, in their minds they pay millions to the college and want to know that they are getting their money’s worth. However, is sending a team of highly paid people into to watch the