Intensive Airless Spraying

These are good times for decorators. There is plenty of work around, there is a shortage of good decorators and this means that they can charge good rates. I speak to many decorators and they are in the “brush and roll” camp. They have heard about spraying, but they are so busy that they have not had time to explore the option.

This could be you, some nights you will check out YouTube to see what people are doing and you are met with a stack of conflicting advice. After just one night on the internet, you come away more confused than you started. It is like trying to make sense of the Governments Covid rules.

“Never mind” you tell yourself, you are making good money and you are really busy. However, will it always be this way? At the back of your mind, you feel that you need to move with the times.

I always think that the decision to learn about spraying is a simple one, there is no rush or time scale, it is this:- 

In 10 years’ time will YOU be spraying or not?

If the answer is “NO” then forget about it and get on with your decorating business. A word of warning though, I do not think you will be able to compete in ten years’ time. You would be a bit like the joiner who only uses hand tools and refuses to spend on Festool. (Not sure there are any of these still in business).

Okay you say, I am interested, so now what do I do?

Spraying can be a mine field. There are so many types of spray machines and so much advice, there are cheap sprayers, expensive sprayers, airless and HVLP, air assisted and conventional. It is mind blowing.


One of our most popular courses at the academy is our “Intensive airless course”. It is “City and Guilds” assured, which means that it is good in the eyes of an external awarding body. It is a two day course that will take you from no knowledge to being able to spray out your jobs confidently. 


The course covers all the equipment needed, we advise you on the best sprayers to buy for all budgets, we can even supply the sprayer if you want. The course covers the important health and safety aspects of the course and we make sure that you work safely.

You will learn how to overcome all the common problems that decorators have when getting into spraying like minimising overspray and knowing what order to spray jobs. We also cover some masking systems. You will spray ceilings and walls and then on the second day you will learn to spray woodwork.


I always enjoy teaching decorators how to spray the woodwork with the airless sprayer because while this is the most difficult thing to master it is also the most profitable. You can produce a jaw dropping finish on woodwork up to ten times faster.


Yes, that was ten.


I know you don’t really believe me and that is what I like most about the course, I see the pound signs in the decorators’ eyes as they see how fast they can work. When they see if for themselves, they “get it” and believe that they can do it themselves. In many cases the course pays for itself on the first job that they spray.


If you are interested in doing our Intensive airless course then email us at courses@painttechtrainingacademy.co.uk and we will send you some course information. Alternatively check out the website on www.painttechtrainingacademy.co.uk