Benefits Of Spraying


By spraying you will finish work much faster

Area and surface preparation is undertaken as any decorator would, spray applicators still have to fill and sand. But because the application takes so little time sprayers can wait until other trades have left the site and spray uninterrupted, meaning no dust and debris contaminating wet paint. Not only this, but as you are on site for less time you can take on more work, increase productivity & profits.


This comes as standard when spraying!

At PaintTech Decorators we created systems that work within all our projects. This means that with our systems, products and methods we can create a finish that is far superior than those able to be achieved using traditional methods. By spraying woodwork, furniture and doors will can also achieve a near factory finish every time on site meaning that the carpenters can build fitted furniture that doesn’t have to be sent away to be painted.

Common Objections

You will always get these, but if you are confident then this will project forward to clients and contractors!

Its Very Messy!

Our line of business is generally very messy.. With SPRAYING you have to get it right at the beginning! 

Protection is key in giving clients confidence that you won’t get spray everywhere

Masking Takes Ages!

We will show that with the right tapes, technique & practice that you can do this quickly.

We have systems that reduce the amount of MASKING you need to do!

Overspray goes Everywhere!

OVERSPRAY can go everywhere if you are new to spraying and don’t know what you are doing!

BUT with the right combination of Pressure, Tip & Product you can reduce this right down.

Your equipment will let you down!

LOL! – hell of a lot less than your staff!!!!

In time you will have SPARE PARTS on board in your toolbox anyway to get you out of trouble

Spraying uses a lot more paint!

Yes, granted but with the control of overspray this will be much better.

Plus the time SAVING on LABOUR means that this is still a no brainer!

The equipment is expensive!

Yes the machines and training may be an expensive outlay to start with

BUT with training and support you will get your RETURN ON your INVESTMENT within weeks!