Common Problems & Questions

Where does the lube go

Use TSL (Graco), Q-Lube (tritech), Piston Lube (Titan) on your machine each time you use it.

This will keep the packings wet & reduce friction. If you keep the machine clean & lubricated you will reduce wear and tear making the machines last longer.

What do I put in my machine when I’m not using it

Use Pump Armour (Graco), Q-Tector (Tritech/QTech) & Easy Clean (Wagner) when your machine is being stored during the winter months to stop it freezing. You will hear a lot of people mention using Antifreeze – this doesn’t have any cleaning or lubricating qualities and could invalidate the warranty on your machines. This can be put into the machine into the same way as paint; this can also be reused if its stored properly.

be aware that some of these products cannot be flushed into the water systems in this country making getting rid of it harder work.

Clean your filters

Not all machines have a manifold filter that is easy to get to but its good practice to clean the mainfold filter, gun filter & inlet strainer each day you use the machine

My sprayer was working but now its stopped.

  1. Check the power – someone may have turned it off.
  2. Check the power – it may have tripped
  3. Remove any extension lead and plug sprayer into the mains – could be the extension lead
  4. Your motor may have overheated – leaved for 20-30 minutes & try again.
  5. Check all the switches to see if one was knocked off

Why do I get lines either side of my spray pattern?

  1. We call these tram lines or tails
  2. Check the pressure – it may be too low
  3. Check you have a tip that you are using – you may need a bigger orifice size
  4. Depending on the product you may need to thin it.
  5. Most of these problems are a combo of pressure/tip/product

My unit won’t prime.

  1. Check the inlet tube – it may be blocked
  2. Is the material too thick
  3. Check if the inlet valve ball is stuck
  4. Make sure the valve is in prime position
  5. If pump primes with water but not paint then check the tip and thickness of paint
  6. Make sure that there isn’t a blockage

My gun is spitting

  1. Check you have enough paint
  2. There may be air in the system

My spray pattern doesn’t look uniform

  1. Check that the tip isn’t partially blocked
  2. Check that the tip isn’t worn – try another tip
  3. Check the filters – are they clogged or too fine
  4. You may not have enough pressure

Spray gun stops spraying even with trigger pulled

  1. Check that the tip isn’t blocked
  2. Have you run out of paint
  3. Has your machines power been turned off

Paint is running all the time

  1. Move faster when you are spraying
  2. Use a tip with a smaller orifice size
  3. Use a larger tip and make the fan size bigger
  4. Make sure you are roughly 12″ away from the surface and not too close 

Paint is going on too dusty

  1. You are not getting enough paint on the surface
  2. Move closer to the surface
  3. Move slower
  4. Choose a tip with a smaller fan size
  5. Choose a tip with a bigger orifice size

I can’t get my machine to hold pressure

  1. Check that the tip isn’t blocked
  2. Have you run out of paint
  3. Has your machines power been turned off
  4. Have you checked that the pressure valve is working
  5. Check the filters are all clear and not blocked
  6. Packings could be worn