Fee & refund Policy

APRIL 2017

PaintTech Training Academy assumes that all individuals will have given a lot of thought about undertaking an Academy course prior to signing up and paying fees.  

However no matter how well intentioned an individual may be, PaintTech Training Academy recognises that there may be occasions where individuals may change their mind or find themselves unable to attend.


Payment is due in full at the time of booking and is non-refundable.

Exceptional circumstances

In exceptional circumstances individuals can apply to transfer to another course subject to a £20 admin fee.

These are:

  • Accident/injury which prevents temporary participation of the course. Medical evidence will be required in the form of a Doctor’s note.
  • Death of a close family member.

Individuals requiring to transfer should submit their request in writing by email to courses@painttechtrainingacademy.co.uk .  Individuals will then be given details of alternative available dates and locations.

Course Cancellation/Rescheduling

PaintTech Training Academy reserve the right to cancel any courses that are not deemed financially viable, or if unforeseen circumstances occur that prevent the delivery of the planned course.

If a course is cancelled every effort will be made to offer a suitable alternative.  If no alternative is available then a full refund will be given.


From time to time it may be necessary to substitute a tutor (i.e. sudden sickness). PaintTech Training Academy will only use tutors who are deemed competent and appropriate by the Academy and will never put into question the quality experience that individuals expect on the day.


Full refunds will only be granted for the following exceptional circumstances:

  • Death of a learner prior to starting the course.
  • Accident/Injury resulting in a permanent loss of ability to participate in the course. Medical evidence will be required in the form of a Doctor’s note.
  • PaintTech Training Academy cancel a course and a suitable alternative cannot be found.

Where a refund is permitted payment will be made to the individual by BACS.