ONLINE Masking Course

Temporary Surface Protection – Painting & Decorating (Spraying)

Welcome to the first online masking & temporary surface protection course created by decorators for other trades in the construction industry.

This course will help you to develop the core skills needed to correctly mask and protect all surfaces prior to spraying. We will explain the most efficient systems, tapes, products and their best uses to achieve a clear, workable and safe environment for spraying.

This course contains multiple units which cover:

  • Understanding the importance of correct systems to protect all areas
  • Choose the best tapes, plastic and masking products
  • Some very helpful tips and tricks to speed up the process
  • How to remove the protection to not damage the painted surface

This course is a combination of:


Video Tutorials

Written Assessments


Granted there are loads of videos and info out there on the internet BUT we have taken the time to compile an actual course that can be accessed whilst on site and categorised into the relevant sections.

We guarantee that you will make your money back on the first job!!  A bold statement but we know for a fact that just a fraction of these top tips will save you a ton of time which will make you so much more profit


As a decorating company PaintTech Decorators has had to find the quickest and most efficient way to mask everything to allow us to spray our jobs. So over years we have tested so many tapes, papers, plastics and glues and trialed them over hundreds of jobs. We now believe that we have found the best systems that work for us to speed up our projects.

So, have a look at the Introduction video and then go ahead and purchase the full course.

“PLUS” this course will carry on growing with additional modules to bolt on.

You can request videos and offer suggestions to make this the best online one stop shop for all the top masking tips and tricks by adding comments in the discussion box..

Now go watch the videos and implement what we show you into your system to save you time and make money!!!