Spray Anatomy

Parts of an Airless Sprayer and what they are

All this terminology can be really confusing! We have tried to put some information together to make it really easy to understand.

Each machine is slightly different but the idea is the same most of the time:

Gun: The gun holds back the pressure from the machines until you need it to spray the material. The gun allows us to turn this pressure on and off as we want it.

Gun Filter: This is found within the body of the gun.

Tip: The tip choice is what controls both the size of the fan and the amount of material that comes out of it when under pressure. 

Tip guard: The tip fits into the tip guard. The aim of the tip guard is to help protect you from injection hazards NOT to protect the tip.

Hose: This is no ordinary hose! Hoses have to be tested to up to 4 times the max pressure they are expected to be put under.. This way the chances of a blow out are minimal. This is something you need to think about if you order a cheap hose.

Pressure Control: This is what controls the pressure of the machine. However, unless you have an electronic control you may want to put a pressure gauge on your machine if it doesn’t come with one, otherwise you may be guessing the pressure!

Pump/Fluid Section: The main part of an airless paint sprayer is the pump/fluid section/wet end. This part is what moves and pressurizes the material to be sprayed. This is where your packings will be.

Motor & Gearbox: This powers the pump and without it nothing really works!

Chassis: This is what holds everything together.. There are a few different chassis types and you may have heard some of these terms: low-boy, high-boy, skid. Most machines we are likely to deal with are low or high boy. High-Boy is on wheels and Low-Boy isn’t.

Prime/Spray Valve: This is the valve that turns the machine from spray/prime position to dump/return.

Intake Tube: This is the tube that will take the material you are spraying with from the tin through the machine, into the hose and ready to spray.

Return Tube: This is the tube that returns the paint to the tin whilst priming of the pump.

Manifold Filter: This the first official filter within the sprayer to stop blockages before the reach the gun filter next. The idea of the filters is that they get finer as they head towards the gun.

Rock stopper Filter: This the filter at the bottom of the return tube that stops and larger bits getting into the machine.

Packings: The purpose of the packings is to create seal and direct the flow of the materials.