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    positive review  excellent training ..especially on airless

    Vishnu Kumar Avatar Vishnu Kumar
    20th October 2018

    positive review  I recently attended the intensive weekend course with Damian in Galway. Damian was very knowledgeable and a great teacher. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and can’t wait to put what I learnt in to practice . Would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of signing up. It was a great experience. Thanks Damian. Also thanks to Ian and Lyndsey for all your help on helping me choose the right course. Ross Jordan

    Ross Jordan Avatar Ross Jordan
    19th October 2018

    5 star review  Had an awesome weekend learning the fine art of spraying . Ian and Lyndsey are a great team and taught me loads. I hope to come back at some point in the future with some experience under my belt as I will always be able to learn from these guys. Thanks again!

    David Kitson Avatar David Kitson
    8th October 2018

    5 star review  Cannot put into words how much I've gained from this weekend, been fantastic. Ian and Lindsey were both informative and very friendly with a good sense of humour. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and my technique and knowledge has vastly improved. Well worth every penny. Thanks guys!

    Lewis McCallum Avatar Lewis McCallum
    7th October 2018

    positive review  Absolutely buzzing after this course!! If your new to spaying as I am I couldn’t recommend PaintTech training academy enough. By doing the course I feel I’ve entered a spaying community, and for someone like myself who’s just starting out not only have I got Ian and Lyndsey to turn to when when things don’t go quite to plan but I now have the PTA group to turn to for any questions I have about products or techniques or anything else that might come up. The intensive course itself is extremely well laid out and runs at a pace that would be perfect for anyone of any ability. Can’t thank you guys enough!!

    James Green Avatar James Green
    18th September 2018

    positive review  Highly recommend doing this course if you are thinking of getting into spraying or just want to improve on what you already know. The skill, knowledge and confidence acheived in just one day is exceptional. Ian and Lyndsey are passionate about the business and it shows.

    Stephen Caulfield Avatar Stephen Caulfield
    17th September 2018

    positive review  I recommend paint tech training academy 100% helped me improve and look at my spraying jobs in diffrent light gained loads tips . Its ran buy realy friendly and help full people whos been spraying long enough to know what works they now they stuff . if thats next step u want take your business or freshen up on yer spraying skills thats place to check out

    Daniel Jenkins Avatar Daniel Jenkins
    6th August 2018

    positive review  What a really great experience, and the amount I learned over the weekend, is above and beyond my expectations. Ian and Lyndsey are a fountain of knowledge, and both taking the time to explain the process, methods, products, in depth and to detail, with no problems repeating until it was understood. I feel confident to move forward with my machine, and the fact that I know they're on the end of the phone to help out whenever they can, is another testament to their people skills, and customer service. Thank you for a great weekend, and I look forward to seeing you both again.

    Noel Smith Avatar Noel Smith
    6th August 2018

    5 star review  I attended the spraying course in Edenbridge last weekend and couldn't recommend it more highly. Ian and Lyndsey are amazing people and so passionate about what they do. I came away with so much confidence and that is a testament to how good the tutoring is. All I can say is if you are thinking about booking the course DO IT you will not be disappointed.

    Mal Laverick Avatar Mal Laverick
    11th July 2018

    5 star review  so glad i came to the intro course it gave me a better idea on how to spray at good pressures correct speed and distances and be on control of the overspray ,i also learnt that not everything you read in the manuals that come with a machine are good practice 🙂 we used different attachments and size tips to make life easier in different situations this first course really made my mind up to come back again the following day for the advanced trim course wow you cant beat a sprayed finish on trim we carried on from the previous day but now we really got the idea on differnet movements and procedures also differnt tips and using a few different products i cant recommend this course more highly i was made to feel welcome ,was encouraged to ask questions fed, watered and learnt so much what a great teacher ian is as is lyndsey also #sprayingmakessense #itreallydoesnow

    Kevin Moti Freeman Avatar Kevin Moti Freeman
    8th July 2018

    5 star review  Just back from a weekend at Paint Tech Academy (intro and trim). I’ll be honest...I bought my machine in December and thought “I’m a bright girl, how hard can it be to spray”. After I finally plucked up the courage to put paint in the machine reality struck...in a residential HSL. Overspray, runs, panic, runs, overspray, runs, panic and did I mention runs and overspray? I had two choices: sell the machine and wave goodbye to premium finishes or keep on learning from experts rather than youtube. It was a no brainer...so to PTA I headed. What a fantastic place to make mistakes...learnt so much (not just about spraying, but also prep, systems, processes, masking and much more). Came away with the confidence to show my machine who’s in control (me). Lucky to be with a great group of chaps...lots of laughs, support and rounds of applause. Finally and most importantly, Ian and Lyndsey are welcoming, honest, supportive. Both generous with their time and knowledge...perfects hosts and teachers. Thank you both. Looking forward to forever learning.

    Lois Lewis Avatar Lois Lewis
    2nd July 2018

    5 star review  Me and my brother signed up to do the intro and advance trim course at Exeter this weekend,. Wow, just wow!! Ive been doing a fair bit of spraying in the last year and I knew spraying makes sense, but after going on the courses this weekend I can honestly say spraying really really does now make sense!! I can’t thank Ian, Lyndsey and jack enough for the courses what an amazing couple of days and we learnt so much. Great people and a great atmosphere. Their way of teaching is just awesome I can’t believe how much confidence they have given me and my brother (who only sprayed one wall before the course) in 2 days with the gun. The techniques and advice you get you won’t ever forget. You definitely won’t go hungry or thirsty either, the lunch menu is something else! We’ve been at work since 7 on a Sunday morning gagging to get on the sprayer! Thanks again Liam & Kieron

    Liam Burns Avatar Liam Burns
    1st July 2018

    4 star review  Hi, Declan here in Ireland,I finally took the plunge and booked the introductory & the advanced trim course in Tuam,Co.Galway last w/end,and I can't tell you how delighted I was with the whole set up.I am in my 40th year as a painter.20 employed by my brother & 20 self employed.These courses are a real eye opener,I would have sprayed a few rough dashed exteriors before,thought I had an idea about it,but believe me I hadn't.Both Ian & Damien were a pleasure to work with and the thouroughly went through everything with us,it really was hands on.I definitely came away with a lot more understanding of spray painting.I would like to thank the academy for running the courses and the boys for being so thorough.Keep it up lads. Declan in Wexford.

    Declan Codd Avatar Declan Codd
    29th June 2018

    5 star review  I completed the introduction spraying and advanced trim course in Tuam Co.Galway last weekend.had been on the forum for a while and was weighing up weather I really needed to do the course.so glad I done it,learned loads and Damien and Ian were brilliant.great value for money,and I met some sound lads also.I would highly recommend.

    Darren Williams Avatar Darren Williams
    28th June 2018

    5 star review  After following the forum for ages I finally booked the introduction to Spraying course and the advanced trim course in Tuam Ireland must say Damian and Ian know what they r talking about both guys made ya feel at ease would recommend the course to anyone who has not done it yet great value for money (also met a great bunch of lads also )

    Karl Ó Hara Avatar Karl Ó Hara
    26th June 2018

    5 star review  I did the introductory course and it was such brilliant value for money. I gained the confidence to really dive into spraying and I haven't looked back! Ian is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and it really shines through in the course content and demonstrations. I found the individual coaching profoundly beneficial, and quite unique to this sort of training programme. Lyndsey and Ian have been so helpful and the aftercare is second to none. I wouldn't hesitate to reccomend PaintTech for both experienced and inexperienced tradesmen and women interested in spraying. I'll be doing the advanced modules at some point and am especially interested in learning about spray plastering.

    Albert Evans Avatar Albert Evans
    20th June 2018

    5 star review  Superb course with Pete. Great friendly course delivery. We have just completed our first full interior spray following the course. It was amazing. A real game changer. We are planning to complete further courses. Couldn't recommend enough. Thanks Pete and Tracy.

    Dickie Johnson Avatar Dickie Johnson
    17th June 2018

    5 star review  A must for anyone who sprays or is wanting to learn. You will learn so much and go away with confidence to start spraying. Worth every penny. Thanks to Ian and Lyndsey for a great day of training

    Colin Redpath Avatar Colin Redpath
    16th June 2018

    5 star review  Well where do I start !. I come from a back ground of spraying from time to time on large projects. I thought I had It all sussed but Struggled with trim and confidence to attack it myself. First of all I quickly realised that whatever I was doing was not correct. They really stripped it all back for us and filled us with the real ins and outs of spraying, Along with all the elements of the spray machine. Taught in a really easy and understanding way and no question was ever turned down. Nothing a chore for Lyndsey and Ian!. So after completing the first day I got the idea of where I was going wrong but still felt like I was missing a lot. LITTLE DID I KNOW WHAT WAS TO COME!. ADVANCED SPRAY COURSE! First of all had a cracking group and buzzing banter with everyone !. We really gelled together ! Obviously making the whole do very fun and pleasurable as eel as informative! We covered so much and on the practical side of things absolutely smashed it ! THE BEGINNER COURSE CAME INTO ITS ELEMENT HERE !. Everyone was comfortable and on the same page from the word go this day and it really shon through ! We are very lucky to have Ian and Lyndsey on the course as they have made the mistakes for you !! Honestly just In the simple tips they give you, you’ll be mind blown and it’s worth the money just for this ! Over all an amazing experience and recommend to anyone ! Whether experienced or not you are all treated the same ! I really would not do the advanced without the beginners course as they really do go Le hand in hand !. ABSOLUTE VALUE FOR MONEY AND A REAL CREDIT TO THESE GUYS AS THEY COME OIT WEEK IN WEEK OUT AND PROVIDE THE GOODS!. I can’t praise them more and the support afterwards has been unbelievable ! Put it this way, I travelled all the way from jersey. Cost me a lot of money to hire car, accommodation and flights to get there but THE BEST CHOICE I HAVE MADE FOR MYSELF AND MY BUSINESS! MASSIVE THANKS GUYS FOR EVERYTHING !! Don’t think just book !! You WILL NOT REGRET IT ! PS. Cracking job on lunch Lyndsey and keeping us hydrated throughout the day !! All the best ! Luis.

    Luis Rodrigues Avatar Luis Rodrigues
    11th June 2018

    5 star review  Booked the Introduction to Airless Spraying course with Ian and Lyndsey after reading the website reviews. I had a great day and found them both to be very informative, knowledgeable and friendly. They put you at ease straight away. Ian's knowledge on spray painting and his hands on training is a must for anyone who is either thinking about spraying or has already started spraying

    Robert Mahoney Avatar Robert Mahoney
    10th June 2018

    5 star review  I done the introduction to spraying course and absolutely loved it was a great eye opener and in my opinion it’s definitely a game changer. was great to meet Ian and Lynsey and Ian knows he’s stuff�

    Wayne Earl Avatar Wayne Earl
    9th June 2018

    5 star review  Very enjoyable and gained a great skill thanks to james!!

    Jordan Laughton Avatar Jordan Laughton
    2nd June 2018

    5 star review  Worth every penny! I attended the introduction to spraying course on the 12th May. It was a fantastic day. As a complete spraying novice , I left feeling confident and well informed. Ian is really knowledgeable and a great teacher. Definitely recommend it to anyone who is thinking learning this aspect of the trade. I'll be back to do the wood work one soon!

    Rob Griffiths Avatar Rob Griffiths
    13th May 2018

    5 star review  Just wanted to leave a quick review for the painttech training academy. I did the the intro course and the advanced trim course is galway a few week ago with damien and ian and found the guys to be well experienced in their field and they not only know what they are talking about but they are really good at explaining it to someone like me that had virtually no experience with using the machines tips pressure and products.Even after both courses i felt confident enough to buy my first sprayer and the help provided in the PTA support group was worth the cost of the course alone. Yesterday i travelled from ireland over to kent london to do the furniture coarse and now my eyes are open to even more of what type of finish is possible at relieve ease. Big thanks to Ian, lyndsey and damien and see ye thursday night for the live show.

    Derek Joyce Avatar Derek Joyce
    30th April 2018

    5 star review  Had a brilliant weekend with Pete and Tracey at the Preston academy. The courses are well thought out with a good balance of teaching, practical training and time to work on the techniques being taught. As a newcomer to airless spraying I have been a little daunted but after completing the courses this weekend I can't wait to put what I've learnt to use.

    Alastair Treliving Avatar Alastair Treliving
    30th April 2018

    5 star review  Just want to thanks the guys at paint tech! Spent Saturday and Sunday with them and leaned so much! They had so much patience and Really simplified everything for us the group was relaxed and had fun whilst learning throughout. I'm now waiting for them to release more courses!!

    Ryan Davies Avatar Ryan Davies
    30th April 2018

    5 star review  I attended the Intro to spraying course today in Edenbridge with Ian and Lyndsey. I was eager to get a lot under my belt despite the fact it was only a day’s course. I wasn’t disappointed, both Ian and Lyndsey are crazy passionate people about what they are doing from a training point of view as well as working in the trade. I wanted to be confident in a number of topics......machine setup and cleaning. Spraying technique. Over coming issues/snags. Masking techniques and product. Every topic was covered and with each came a confidence as everything we covered came with repetition. The environment is perfect and replicates a true work place. By the end of the day I would say I now have the confidence to not only invest in an airless machine but actually use airless on my own jobs. Thanks again guy’s and keep up the great work

    Boyd Shaw Avatar Boyd Shaw
    29th April 2018

    5 star review  I completed the beginner and advanced trim course a few months ago. It was the best thing I have ever done. #sprayingmakessense !! Such knowledgeable people and support after the course too. Worth every penny

    Debbie Gough Avatar Debbie Gough
    27th April 2018

    5 star review  Big thanks to Pete and Tracy for a great day and great food. I attended the introduction to spraying course at Preston and was more than impressed. Pete knows his stuff and it's clear to see. Aswell as learning different techniques, we were also shown how to care for our equipment, before and after spraying, which was never shown to me when I bought my sprayer from a retailer. Pete also taught us about filters, tips, pressures, different guns, tapes for masking and more. ... If I wasn't going away on holiday at the end of the month I would have booked on the Advanced Trim course. That's next on my list, aswell as the Spray Plaster course. So what are you waiting for!? See more

    Rick Williams Avatar Rick Williams
    12th April 2018

    5 star review  Finally took the plunge and got myself on an introductory spraying course. Wow. I came away with my head spinning. This is a game-changer, and no mistake. I could absolutely recommend this course. Ian and Lyndsey and both very knowledgeable, with Ian taking the course and Lyndsey on hand to answer any side questions. Ian is a confident, natural teacher; he uses the right mix of carrot and stick, letting people learn by doing, with encouraging prompts as you go. ... Both his and Lyndsey's enthusiasm, knowledge and genuine desire to show people the benefits of spraying was infectious. What can I say? I ordered a Tritech T5 with bits at the end of the day and I'm excited about using it next week at work. I'm expecting to make mistakes, but there's no way I'd have pulled the trigger on a purchase like that without having taken this course. I'll be back next month for the trim course.. See more

    David John Avatar David John
    11th April 2018

    5 star review  After not having used a spray gun in 20yrs I bought myself a little Q-tech cos I've got a job/jobs where it would save me some time, jumped straight in with not much success. While looking for some tips I came across paint tech on the airlesspro site and got myself booked onto the beginners course at Preston under the guidance of the maestro Pete Wilkinson. The whole day was conducted in a relaxed no pressure manner, starting with a classroom tutorial b4 moving into the work ... area for the practical part of the proceedings. Worked our way up the different tip sizes and spraying walls/ceilings it certainly was an eye opener when using the bigger tips. I then realised there's a whole lot more just to buying a machine and thinking you can just go out and spray, I've a lot to learn I said to myself. But when the day was over I felt a little bit more confident that I can do this and so I booked to go back n do the trim course. A mention must also go to Tracy for her behind the scenes work and also her fab lunch, was top class. If anyone is thinking about spraying get on the course, you won't find a more friendly and enthusiastic pair as Pete n Tracy. Thanks guys. See more

    Clayton Byrne Avatar Clayton Byrne
    10th April 2018

    5 star review  Attended the introduction to airless spraying in Preston with Pete and Tracey. Very informative and I feel that I learned a lot. It was invaluable and has given me the confidence to go for it.

    Chris Brown Avatar Chris Brown
    10th April 2018

    5 star review  I attended the introduction to spraying course with Ian and Lindsey on Saturday and had a fantastic day! The day started out with a thorough briefing on the benefits of spraying, history and safety (not before a nice cup of tea and a chat with everyone there). There’s a lot covered, but it’s ok: you’re provided with a handy revision guide to take home! Then onto the machine and spraying in the booths provided. Ian has a font of knowledge when it comes to spraying, and will happily answer any questions fired at him with complete enthusiasm. I’ve been spraying with my GXFF (airless) for about 4 months now and have been lucky enough to have a good friend show me the basics... but I still learned a lot and it was definitely beneficial to have a good refresher - it’s easy to get into bad habits! We then stopped for lunch; hot and cold food was served along with tea, coffee and soft drinks. We were definitely looked after! The group got on really well and there was a relaxed atmosphere (as there had been all day). We did much more spraying in the second half of the day with Ian guiding us about pressures, how paint affects the flow through the machine, fan patterns, distance, safety, effective systems... he covers A LOT of ground in a relatively short space of time. Definite value for money. There are centres in Edenbridge, Preston, Galway and Lancashire, I believe. They do an advanced trim course, and also a spray plaster course - which I will also be attending. A definite must for anyone looking into spraying.

    Vicki Smith Avatar Vicki Smith
    10th April 2018

    5 star review  So after lurking in the background on Spraying Makes Sense enjoying the forum and what all you other guy get up to, I took the plunge this weekend and attended both the Introduction and the Trim courses with Ian Crump at Edenbridge. I have had no real experience of spraying so what a lot to take on board. The days was full on and packed with different exercises. All broken down into small sections, which helped to build the knowledge of technique of both equipment and produ... ct. It is a steep learning curve for me, I dont think im a natrual sprayer but thats probably an age thing. But by early afternoon on the Sunday it was starting to come together and I felt more relaxed and confident. To think how much information was passed over though the weekend was amazing. I enjoyed all aspects of the courses including the various ideas from Ian on tips and tricks of the trade. The informal conversations we had i found interesting to compare different business models. This has triggered my thought processes which I could apply to make my business more efficient and hopefully profitable. Thank you to the other ladie and gentlemen who attendended with me , I hope you enjoyed it too. Also Lyndsey for the lovely lunch on both days and additional support alongside Ian throughout the weekend. Money well spent and glad i did the trim course aswell. Looking forward to purchasing a machine and practice, practice, practice what I have learnt, trying new product and systems. Thank you to all involved. See more

    Dave Wilson Avatar Dave Wilson
    9th April 2018

    5 star review  Great course very informative plenty of support Pete and Tracey were friendly and very knowledgeable come away feeling positive and raring to go many thanks

    Jonathan Smith Avatar Jonathan Smith
    7th April 2018

    5 star review  These guys are brilliant. Wanting to up my game in spraying I checked out everything these guys had online. The course was excellent. All my questions were answered and more. The passion they have for spraying is truly catching. I would highly recommend anyone who has an interest to book with Ian Lyndsey and Damien. Genuine passionate people with all the good tips. New sprayer ordered and furniture course is next on my list. Thanks guys.

    Michelle Monaghan Avatar Michelle Monaghan
    28th March 2018

    5 star review  Having attended the introduction to Airless Spraying course yesterday in Kent, I now feel more confident in how to spray, and buying the right machine for me, Ian and Lindsey really know there trade. Will definitely be booking myself in to the next advanced trim course, and learning more about this professional. I Highly recommend .

    Garry J Eldridge Avatar Garry J Eldridge
    19th March 2018

    5 star review  Did the intro course today and thought it was great, Ian cleared up loads of questions and doubts I had about spraying. Having only dabbled in spraying before, and pretty much made it up as I went along, I now feel much more confident. Looking forward to going back for the advanced course in a couple of weeks �

    Lewis Harrington Avatar Lewis Harrington
    18th March 2018

    5 star review  I have done the introduction to airless spraying and the trim course at Preston with Pete. What can a say it was an amazing day from start to finish oh and the lunch was awesome. I have also done the airless spray plaster course with Tony Taylor he is top of the game in this department taught me a lot of new skills within my business with the new plastering. On completing all of the above courses I am now not just that painter I’m now the airless spray plasterer/Airless spray painter. My business is thriving at the moment as all my new skills makes me go into someone’s house and totally transform it to a wonderful and amazing place to live. Visit my Facebook page for a look at the work I am now taking on C Lawrie Services. All can a say to these guys is a massive THANKYOU �

    Chick Lawrie Avatar Chick Lawrie
    15th March 2018

    5 star review  If your thinking of getting into spraying then this is without doubt the best course you can go on to learn. I enjoyed every minute and learnt so much from the minute I got there. Ian and Lyndsey make you feel so welcome and make you feel so at ease. I guarantee by the time you leave you will have the confidence like me to start spraying. Like Ian said just get out there and pull the trigger!

    Jim Virgo Avatar Jim Virgo
    11th March 2018

    5 star review  I had dabbled with spraying with my handheld Graco, saw the light and invested in a small sprayer for bigger jobs. I struggled with my new machine so i invested in the intro course. It was an eyeopener - it made me understand the correct method and working practice to be efficient with my machine. Pete Wilkinson was the primary mentor on my course - he was very approachable, patient, conveyed the absolute basics without being patronising or condescending - despite many seemingly daft questions. There was no sales pitch - other than the absolute passion to spray. I attended the Advance course and that really filled me with confidence to go forward and re-think my methods for other jobs i have booked in. If you're 50/50 about thinking of booking a course - do it. It will pay for itself in weeks. EDIT: As well as the course you get an online support forum on facebook which is for course attendees ONLY. This, for me, has been as valuable as the course itself and offers great comfort knowing theres a safe place to ask for help once you're up and running.

    Dan Baker Avatar Dan Baker
    1st March 2018

    5 star review  Had a brilliant day learnt a lot in a short time will be going back to do the other courses soon thanks to Ian and Lyndsey for there time and patience and knowledge

    Shamus Manvell Avatar Shamus Manvell
    1st March 2018

    5 star review  I’ve been fortunate to attend many courses over the years (both skills and theory based) but I can honestly say that I’ve not enjoyed them as much as the introduction course I attended today. The content, delivery and knowledge were second to none, but more importantly, it was the sincerity and genuine encouragement of you all as awesome hosts that really stood out. Bring on the trim course and the start of what will prove to be an amazing journey 😊 . Thanks guys!

    Carlos Romano Pachéco Avatar Carlos Romano Pachéco
    25th February 2018

    5 star review  Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the team members at the academy. Had a fantastic experience on my two day course down in Crediton Devon. Would totally recommend, to anyone who are considering learning.

    Curtis Fry Avatar Curtis Fry
    19th February 2018

    5 star review  Was one of 3 people from our employers company to attend the introduction to spraying course at Exeter on Friday 16th. It was a really enjoyable and rewarding day, covering the theory and practical side of basic spraying both professionally and with a friendly and encouraging attitude. I would definitely recommend this course. Thanks to Pete and James, and all the others who were there assisting on the day. Cheers all. Rich. 🙂

    Richard Wood Avatar Richard Wood
    18th February 2018

    5 star review  Just completed intro n trim course whit Ian n Damien in Ireland....absolutely loved it... I was training myself before....but after the course my mind is set completely different way... The Right Way.... great lads great atmosphere money n time well spent... experience Priceless

    Kamil Czubiak Avatar Kamil Czubiak
    9th February 2018

    5 star review  A big thank you to Tony Taylor for teaching the spray plaster course. Was very well taught and fun at the same time. Was also great to have a chat with Ian and Pete as there knowledge with spraying in general is a great help. Would highly recomend anyone intrested in spraying to go there. Can't wait to give it a proper go now big thumbs up 🖒

    Paul Newbold Avatar Paul Newbold
    18th January 2018

    5 star review  Well i have now done all 3 courses with paint tech training academy the introduction to spray painting the advanced trim and finally the spray plaster course, a massive thank you to all you guys friendly bunch not to mention great food I have learned so much bought myself a spray paint machine and now a spray plaster so thankyou guys #sprayingmakessense

    Craig Swanson Avatar Craig Swanson
    16th January 2018

    5 star review  I've been looking at going into paint spraying for a number of months now. I've been following (stalking) Spraying Makes Sense, reading everything I can find on machines and picking the brains of everyone I can speak to who sprays. The time has come to take the plunge! On Saturday I did PaintTech's Introduction to Spraying day course in Edenbridge run by spraying supremoes Ian and Lyndsey Crump. The day started with introductions where Ian asked us what experience we already had with spraying, the machines we had and what we were hoping to get out of the day. It was good to hear everyone's experience and they varied from me, spraying virgin, to 6 years of spraying experience wanting to perfect his technique. Following an introductory talk and video we had a look at some of the machines they used. These machines take a beating and Ian explained that every single job they do they spray almost all of it. Ian and Lyndsey have so much knowledge of their machines, they know exactly which machine to use for which job, can problem solve based on the sound of their machine and have 25 years of spraying behind them. In short, they really know what they’re talking about. We were then introduced to our machine for the day, the TriTech T5, and given a comprehensive overview of the machine, looking at the gun and manifold filters, whip hose attachment, extension poles, gun and all the other elements. We went through potential problems, setting up and, most importantly for me, cleaning. I’m staggered at how straightforward it is. So we then finally got to the bit I had been waiting months for – to get my hands on that machine and get spraying and for the remainder of the day that’s exactly what we did. We started off with the basics of getting our stance and hand positions right and spraying squares of paper, practicing getting the technique and controlling the spray in a small area. The PaintTech unit is divided into rooms with windows, doors with architrave, skirting and ceilings with downlights enabling you to practice controlling your spray in areas which replicate the average sized room and with only 6 of us on the course (the maximum they take) we all got a lot of spraying time. By the end of the day we had sprayed small tricky areas, walls and ceilings, the method of each area fully explained for example using the light source, overspray and not getting yourself covered in paint. I was desperate to cover trim too but could completely understand why there is a separate course for this. It just can’t all be covered in one day and it was much more beneficial to spend all day working on walls and ceilings and focus on getting that right first. Ian and Lyndsey’s training technique is excellent, they share so much information with you and are happy to do so. Rather than keep their experience and knowledge to themselves they want to spread the word and make everyone a better sprayer and I for one am on board! I thoroughly enjoyed the day and will be signing up for the trim course next. My aims for the day were to master the technique and establish which machine would suit my requirements best. However, my biggest concern had been how spraying works in the domestic settings that I only work on. I could easily see how it would be the obvious choice for commercial and on new builds but would this work in the average sized room, often filled with at least one piece of furniture and working around the homeowners? Any fears again were dispelled. I now feel I can take make that transition into spraying, confident that I can spray on every job thus elevating me to a much higher standard of decorator knowing that I always have the support of Spraying Makes Sense and the PaintTech team. I am a virgin no more…

    Lucy Widdowson Avatar Lucy Widdowson
    8th January 2018

    5 star review  What can I say that hasn't already been said. My partner and I both took part in the intro course and ended up booking another hotel to stay down for the trim course the next day. The amount of experience and passion Ian and Lyndsey have is unparalleled. The information and tips were mind blowing, most people in their position would keep themselves. I'm glad he didn't from Spray tips to machines to taping to products you learn it all, we both felt so welcomed and learned so much in such I small amount of time. I think anyone and everyone would benefit from the course. The Academy has give me the confidence and systems to take not only my spraying but my business to the next level. Thank you for everything Rhys and Bobbie x

    Rhys Mcwilliams Avatar Rhys Mcwilliams
    8th January 2018

    5 star review  Having now attended both intro & advanced trim courses I can unequivocally recommend PaintTech Academy courses. Excellent combination of theory backed up with strong hands on learning, taught with passion & belief. Couple that with the ‘after course’ back up & knowledge base I just can’t fault it. I am brimming with confidence despite my total lack of experience & cant wait to get myself fully immersed in the spray application of all things paint.

    Paul Cooper Avatar Paul Cooper
    12th December 2017

    5 star review  What can I say? Well it was absolutely fantastic! I learnt so much whilst at the same time really enjoying myself. I'd done a bit of spraying before with work but clearly I wasn't doing it properly and now hopefully I won't miss a trick because these guys certainly don't . Sorry just one complaint , can you hurry up and get the furniture course sorted as I can't wait for that too!!!! I'm now happily spraying banisters, doors, ceilings and anything else I can get my hands on and obviously the course was so good I bought a machine at the end. That says it all. Cheers

    Ashley Larkman Avatar Ashley Larkman
    29th November 2017

    5 star review  If anyone thinking how and where to start spraying.. STOP thinking and book course with PaintTech Academy. Great People!

    James Woodhill Avatar James Woodhill
    4th November 2017

    5 star review  Just had a great day down at the Paint Tech trainning academy at edenbridge in Kent doing the introduction to airless paint spraying course. This is the 2nd time that I’ve been on a paintech training day the 1st being spray plaster. Both Ian and Lyndsey are so knowledgable about the whole process of airless spraying, great to learn from decorators that want to give you the information you need to succeed in the the world of spraying. Previously I’d only ever sprayed a garden trellis but they have given me the confidence to start out on the road to spraying walls and ceilings.

    Tom South Avatar Tom South
    22nd October 2017

    5 star review  Sorry only just doing my review I was on both courses of the weekend of 23rd and 24th of September. I had an amazing weekend so much to take in and so much to learn. Ian and Lyndsey are so passionate in what there do which comes across in the courses . Happy to share there years of knowledge to help make your own business a Success. I can not speak high enough of Ian and Lyndsey and look forward to speaking to there both on the PTA support group. Even spent time with me after the courses had finished each evening just to answer any questions I had with regards to spraying I am now a change man spraying makes sense. I high recommend both courses. Thank you for everything �Regards Luke

    Luke Mighall Avatar Luke Mighall
    16th October 2017

    5 star review  Excellent day from people with real world experience and they are happy to pass this experience on to you. If you want to get into spraying then take the introduction course. Ian and Lyndsay's experience is from facing real life spraying problems with the machines and how to get round them, plus the correct techniques of how to spray correctly.

    Jason Savage Avatar Jason Savage
    15th October 2017

    5 star review  Done a lot of commercial spraying decided to give the course ago and really enjoyed totally changed how I'll​ approach spraying and also showed how much a game changer spraying can be domestically too Lindsey and Ian are genuinely friendly and great to talk to and they are unbelievably helpful by far the best training experience I've ever had such a change to be trained by people in the industry for any one interested in spraying I'd say this is a must have

    John Luke Booth Avatar John Luke Booth
    1st October 2017

    5 star review  Did a weekend at Preston with pete was well worth it I picked up a lot of information well worth a visit

    Martin Campbell Avatar Martin Campbell
    23rd September 2017

    5 star review  I attended the spray plaster course in Preston today. I found the whole set up to be very professional, informative and well delivered. I would have no hesitation in recommending people attend courses here. Massive thanks to all involved, ive learnt loads more than i thought i would . Total game changer 👌

    Michael Skerritt Avatar Michael Skerritt
    23rd September 2017

    5 star review  Went and done the instruction course with Ian and Lindsey crump at paint tech had a really good day I was so confident when I left there I wanna sprayed a whole house the next day and I'm booked the Advanced trim course

    Mcl Refurbishments Avatar Mcl Refurbishments
    22nd September 2017

    5 star review  Had a great day. Ian and Lyndsey were very accommodating and enthusiastic and I left feeling motivated and inspired to get spraying! Would absolutely recommend any decorator to do the course. The price is nothing compared to the advice and potential you take away with you.

    Phil Tucker Avatar Phil Tucker
    20th September 2017

    5 star review  Really opened my eyes to the benefits of spraying, so much more than I was expecting. Ian & Lindsey are great hosts with a wealth of knowledge & experience they are keen to pass on to you. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking to get into spraying or even those all ready spraying. Can't wait to get a sprayer & get practicing. Had a great weekend guys, thanks. Lindsey puts on a top spread too!� . I'll be in touch soon.

    Dave Millard Avatar Dave Millard
    19th September 2017

    5 star review  If anyone is even debating whether to get in to spraying. My advice. Just do it. This course is absolutely a1. I didn't know what to expect from it but I can honestly say it will be the best thing you ever do. Ian and Lynsey are 100% passionate about spraying and it shows. You might think Ian is a bit pushy or critical but deep down and once you've done the course you'll realise he only wants you to be able to spray anything and everything you can as he truly believes in what he does and the finish as you will see along with the speed and ease of it as well as the techniques. Might sound a lot of money to do the course but when you break it down and you listen to the knowledge this man has and the plans he has for not only himself and paint tech but everyone who's attended/attending the course it's an absolute bargain and in 10 years time you'll probably need to take these pair out for meal to say thanks. Get yourselves booked on and get on the only thing moving forward in our area of work. Spraying makes sense. Lynsey is also a top chef and you'll be looked after whilst your there���

    Ashley Dodd Avatar Ashley Dodd
    17th September 2017

    5 star review  I would highly recommend the 'Introduction to airless spraying' and the 'advanced trim course'. Travelled over from Ireland to do both over the weekend and couldn't have made a better decision, I have been painting & Decorating for 33 years and had done very little spraying during that time, I will now be taking spraying on with confidence after these 2 courses with my recently purchased spray gun, Pete Wilkinson has a wealth of knowledge and some great advice was given throughout. If your thinking about doing the courses just go for it you won't be disappointed. Rod Cassidy

    Rod Cassidy Avatar Rod Cassidy
    4th September 2017

    5 star review  I have attended Introduction Spray / Spraying Trim and Spray Plaster courses all at Preston, I was fortunate to have both Ian and Pete on the Spray trim Course. As a decorator that had no interest in spraying previous to March this year i found the knowledge and enthusiasm of all trainers and admin at Paint Tech to be very helpful and professional. The added support of the PTA group is an added bonus and also very informative. I now enjoy spraying and try to incorporate my new knowledge into as many jobs as possible.

    Simon Newbold Avatar Simon Newbold
    29th July 2017

    5 star review  Had a fantastic weekend doing the introduction course followed by the trim course! I took away so much and am totally buzzing from the experience, spraying truly is the future and enrolling in this course is the first step to changing your business! Ian and Lyndsey are so passionate about what they do and this is evident in their delivery of the course you also learn greatly from the other students. I cannot recommend this course enough and my only advice is to try and book both courses if you can you really won't regret it and the spraying bug will have you well and truly in its grasp by the time you leave. It's important to mention that your money goes further than just the course, the after care/support is second to none I can't see that you would get that anywhere else. Thank you so much for everything and your ongoing support

    Anthony Newell Avatar Anthony Newell
    25th July 2017

    5 star review  Travelled over from Ireland at the weekend to take both the intro and trim course and i have to say I was blown away. The enthusiasm that Ian and Lynsey have towards the trade is so infectous and the delivery of the course is top class. I have come away with not only a better knowledge of spraying but also with different views to what direction to go with my business, in regards to the type of work and types of products and equipment. Amazing course delivered by amazing people. Would highly recommend this to anyone thinking about spraying and even those spraying already. Thank you and hope to be in touch soon.

    Damian Melody Avatar Damian Melody
    10th July 2017

    5 star review  As a newbie to spraying i travelled from North Scotland to take the course and wasn't disappointed, did both the beginners and trim course and found it not only informative but as it is very hands on you actually see what you are learning, no sitting in a classroom watching videos for hours on end no , no , no we were straight in there. ian and lindsay are not only very nice people but very very knowledgeable of which they pass on to you and strangely it feels like one on one learning as they cater for whatever avenue you tell them is your preferred direction, was a great bunch guys on the course also and again the course allows you to pick bits and pieces up from each other during the days. quality instruction from an independent decor/sprayer who has no ulterior motive trying to sell a specific product. recommend to anyone looking to go forward with spraying. thanks guys

    Kenny King Avatar Kenny King
    10th July 2017

    5 star review  Great! Briliant! Better then I expected!

    Mi Jacek Avatar Mi Jacek
    25th June 2017

    5 star review  Graham and 3 of our decorators recently attended a course with Ian at the academy. Graham was really impressed with the content of the course and at how hands on it was, this was motivating and inspiring. All of the health and safety aspects were covered and it was packed with practical tips. This is clearly a course run by experienced specialist decorators for decorators. It offers great value and is certainly the best spraying course out there. The support you receive both before and after the course is outstanding by both Ian and Lindsay. We will be booking both the advanced and trim courses in the future. Many thanks to you both.

    Belinda Halpenny Avatar Belinda Halpenny
    12th June 2017

    5 star review  The 2 day course was absolutely brilliant, so worth the investment. I would recommend anyone that is interested in learning how to spray look no where else. Ian and Lynsey have the course absolutely nailed. This ain't just a spraying course, you walk away with many more tips and problem solving solutions that will help you along the way. Well done guys and look forward to come back for a few of the courses that are coming up

    Kyle Symonds Avatar Kyle Symonds
    29th May 2017

    5 star review  Had a great day on the course. As a beginner I learnt a lot and I am feeling confident going forward and experimenting on my next job. Pete went out of his way to let me try the machine which Im interested in purchasing, that was a great help too.

    Richard Irons Avatar Richard Irons
    28th May 2017

    5 star review  Great course and well presented. Would highly recommend it to anyone looking to begin or refresh their spraying knowledge.

    Scott Annison Avatar Scott Annison
    28th May 2017

    5 star review  Attended the Beginners course at Preston yesterday, excellent day packed throughout and looked after brilliant by Pete and Tracy and really got a lot out of it. Would definitely recommend this course to any decorators looking to make the leap into spraying, convinced me more than ever that spraying is the way forward and excited for the future of my decorating business.

    Barrie James Lovatt Avatar Barrie James Lovatt
    28th May 2017

    5 star review  A huge thank you to Ian and Lyndsey at PaintTech Training Academy for a fantastic weekend. I have learnt so much during the basic spraying and trim courses and looking forward to putting what I have learnt into practice. Being a complete novice, I did not know what to expect but the training delivered by Ian was top-notch! Highly recommended.

    Sandrine Boutineau Avatar Sandrine Boutineau
    15th May 2017

    5 star review  If you want to get on the spray train then look no further than these guys. Before I went on the beginners course I had only heard great reviews and I wasn't disappointed ! This is a great course and I have no doubt set you on the right path to becoming a confident money making sprayer.

    Glen Hyett Avatar Glen Hyett
    11th May 2017

    5 star review  Great course at Edenbridge this weekend, Ian's passion for spraying gives you a whole new mindset on tackling jobs. Having not touched an airless for over a year with very little experience prior to that I came away from the course with so much confidence and itching to retrieve the sprayer from the garage for a large project this week.

    Matt Wratten Avatar Matt Wratten
    8th May 2017

    5 star review  Did the course in Kent yesterday and would highly recommend to anyone thinking of doing it . I went there with very little experience and confidence in spraying and came away so much more confident. Looking forward to putting it in to practice.

    Shannon Logan Avatar Shannon Logan
    7th May 2017

    5 star review  Had a fantastic day on the Basic Airless Spraying Course in Edenbridge yesterday with a great group of guys. Excellent content, brilliant delivery by Ian and some really simple tips picked up too. Looking forward to purchasing a new machine...or two !

    Barry Rowing Avatar Barry Rowing
    7th May 2017

    5 star review  We (ProPaint spraying) have worked with painttech and can say nothing but positive things of their enthusiasm in sharing their specialist knowledge within our industry. Their passion for spraying and raising the profile of the decorators is unparalleled

    Nick Morris Avatar Nick Morris
    1st May 2017

    5 star review  Myself and my colleagues have attended the Painttech Academy in both Edenbridge, Kent and Preston. Both days were brilliant and run by 2 very different but very knowledgable guys who are both as passionate about spraying as you could imagine. Pete and Ian have given me and my team the confidence, skills and systems to be able to integrate spraying into our everyday work and make it a major selling point for my business. Everything you could wish for over both days was covered. From getting to know different machines to techniques to the perfect products and systems, it is all there. Then there is the after support. If you are looking to improve your productivity and are willing to invest, this is the place to start.

    James Wildish Avatar James Wildish
    30th April 2017

    5 star review  Highly recommended and friendly service looking forward to the next one �

    Jamie Bourne Avatar Jamie Bourne
    29th April 2017

    5 star review  I've been on many training courses over the years, of varying quality. Sometimes the tutors are knowledgeable but not enthusiastic or competent teachers. Sometimes the tutors are keen but don't really know their subject. It is so refreshing to go on a course where not only do the tutors really, really know their subject but they're enthusiastic, helpful, and totally professional. The airless spraying training day I went on was superb - well organised yet relaxed, plenty of opportunity to ask any questions, and a brilliant space to practice spraying a variety of substrates with a variety of paints. The day itself was excellent, and really convinced me and gave me the confidence to spray a lot more. But what's even more special is the back up given by Lyndsey, Ian and Pete. It goes well beyond anything I've ever experienced on any course of any type I've been on. Advice on every aspect of spraying - equipment, materials, techniques, masking... you name it and they'll do their best to help. And not only is the advice totally professional, backed up by years of experience but they are constantly testing and looking to improve in every area. I think spraying is going to be a bigger and bigger part of painting and decorating, and these guys are at the forefront of that change. If you want to start spraying, or improve your skills, go to PaintTech Academy.

    Charlie Budd Avatar Charlie Budd
    26th April 2017

    5 star review  Had a brilliant day at Edenbridge academy on sunday. I attended the introduction to spraying course and although I have a little experience with spraying I can safely say that everything I learned that day (and lots of it) was new knowledge for me. A great course and well worth the effort to attend. Ian and Lyndsey are great hosts and we were well looked after with almost constant tea and coffee and biscuits, flapjacks and a nice lunch. I will be attending further courses.

    Rob Martin Avatar Rob Martin
    26th April 2017

    5 star review  Highly recommend for training, advice and ongoing support

    Adrian Zee-Pigg Avatar Adrian Zee-Pigg
    25th April 2017

    5 star review  Its taken a long time to get hear over 30 years for me banging on to all that will listen ...now Ian has set up a teaching academe of par excellence.....I breath of fresh air into and industry 20 years behind the world ... welcome to thee 21st century .... at last ... great job Ian and Pete and Lindsey

    Jack J Frost Avatar Jack J Frost
    25th April 2017

    5 star review  Just rambled on about the academy then I found this bit! It really is �����

    Paul Collier Avatar Paul Collier
    24th April 2017